People and places that I believe in

Twin Talk  -  Dear friends and an amazing Chicago trio

Artie Black - Chicago tenor player and co-leader of The Black Diamond Quartet

Katie Ernst - Chicago bassist and vocalist

Dustin Laurenzi - Chicago saxophonist

Fulton Street Collective - Chicago artist's mecca

Josh Johnson - LA saxophonist

Anna Butterss - LA bassist

Marine Tempels - Chicago visual artist

Chris Weller - Chicago saxophonist

Emma Frank - NYC vocalist

Sun Speak - Chicago duo

Jarod Bufe - Chicago area saxophone and woodwind repair

Constellation - A great Chicago venue

The Hungry Brain - Another great Chicago venue

Ears and Eyes Series - A fantastic series dedicated to original music, Lead by Bassist and composer Dan Thatcher

The Green Mill  - Chicago's most historic venue for jazz

AJ O'Reilly - midwest graphic designer and photographer (photographer for this site!)

Matt Ulery - Chicago bassist/composer

Marquis Hill - NYC trumpeter

Christopher McBride - NYC saxophonist

Flat Land - Gainesville, FL band

Gracie and Rachel - NYC duo

David Linard - NYC pianist

Andy Clausen - NYC trombonist

Ryan Knudsen - LA drummer and percussionist

Stu Mindeman - Chicago pianist

Alex Beltran - Chicago saxophonist

James Davis  - Chicago trumpeter

Sammy Figueroa - NYC and Miami conguero and percussionist

Quentin Coaxum - Chicago trumpeter

Juan Pastor - Chicago drummer and percussionist

MSNRA - Gainesville, FL hip hop collective

Elestial Sound  - Florida record label

Ben Lumsdaine - Bloomington, IN drummer

Gustavo Cortiñas - Chicago drummer

Roy McGrath - Chicago saxophonist

Justin Copeland - Chicago trumpeter

Justin "Justefan" Thomas - LA vibraphonist and producer

Doug Rosenberg - Chicago saxophonist

Rooms - Chicago trio